1471 ATC

Academic Training Programme

Classrom Lecture

When a young person joins the ATC, it is not just about Ranks, Uniform and Discipline, there is also an academic syllabus which the cadets must participate in. Each award of a level brings more advantages with it. All out exams are multiple choice.

As well as academic exams, the cadet does training in Citizenship, Drill and takes part in Projects, as well as Extra-Mural Activities (which includes; Gliding, Flying, Camps, Leadership Courses, etc...)

There are 5 levels of academic classification.

Second Class

Anyone who joins cadets and enrolls, automatically becomes a 2nd Class cadet. They are at the beginning of their training. They can not attend any RAF camps.

First Class Cadet

First Class Cadet badge

A First Class cadet has taken over 8 topics and passed the relevant examinations. These topics include:

Once a cadet has passed their First class they can attend RAF camps and go shooting and flying.

Leading Cadet

Leading Cadet badge

A Leading cadet has taken 3 topics, these are:

Once a cadet has passed their Leading exams, they can apply for places on camps in Germany* and flights abroad
*(as long as they meet the age requirements)

Senior Cadet

Senior Cadet badge

A Senior cadet has taken 3 topics from the following list of topics:

Master Cadet

Master Cadet badge

To become a Master cadet, the cadet must pass 3 more exams from teh same list as for Senior, but obviously not the same exams! Also, the cadet must be a minimum of 16 years old.

Instructor Cadet

Instructor Cadet lanyard

The cadet must complete the Cadet Method of Instruction Course and then they are assessed delivering a lesson in a training environment. The cadet must be a minimum of 16 years old to complete this level.