1471 ATC


The ATC runs camps every year for it's cadets, and squadrons also sometimes arrange their own camps throughout the year. Below are the different types of camps an ATC cadet can attend.

Weekend Camps

Krypton Factor Confidence course near Bury Lancashire

There are many types of weekend camps, including Adventure Training, Survival, Shooting, and other courses.

These are generally organized by the units themselves, but sometimes courses do have places for weekends.


Annual Camps

UK Camp

These are organized by the ATC in general, and are held twice a year; Easter and Summer. This is where a unit goes to live on an RAF base for a period of 1 week. Activities are planned by the RAF personnel who are assigned to assist in the running of the camp. There is usually more than one squadron on these camps so this is a good time to get to know other cadets in the wing.

Overseas Camps

Summer Camp at RAF Rheindahlin

These camps are for cadets over the age of 15, who are Leading in classification or above and have attended at least one UK camp.. These camps are usually in one of two locations; Gibraltar or Cyprus. They are just like Annual Camps, except it is not in the UK.

There are also some courses which are overseas as well, for example, the RAF Regiment usually take some cadets skiing in Bavaria in Germany.

International Air Cadet Exchange ( IACE )


This is a scheme involving a large number of other countries in the world. Cadets attend their designated country for a set period of time, staying on bases, with families and anywhere else the host country puts you.

Some of the countries which participate in this scheme are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, The Phillapines, Singapore, Swedan, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA.