1471 ATC

Flying & Gliding

It is the aim of the corps that each cadet are eligable for 3 flights per 3 year period...

There are different types of flying available within the Corps, Air Experience Flights in powered aircraft, namely the Grob Tutor, Gliding, in either a Viking or a Vigilant aircraft, and also Opportunity flights.

Air Experience Flights

Grob Tutor aircraft

Around the UK there are AEF stations, where cadets can go flying in one of the many Grob Tutor aircraft we share with the University Air Squadrons.

A typical flight will last about 20 minutes. During the flight the pilot will give the cadet the chance to take control of the plane for themselves, and maybe even do some aerobatics as well....

Courses are also available for cadets to attend, but places are limited on the more advanced courses leading to the award of a Private Pilots License (PPL). One course available is the Navigators course.



Cadets do not have to fly in planes with engines... They also have the opportunity to go gliding in one of the many Volunteer Gliding Schools around the UK.

Cadets can also go for their 'wings'...

Cadet Glider Wings - Blue Cadet Glider Wings - Silver Cadet Glider Wings - Gold

The cadets begin with a basic course and then does more advanced courses. If they continue with their training, they can then qualify to become Gliding Instructors, and get their RAF wings.

RAF Glider Wings - G Cat RAF Glider Wings - G Cat Instructor

Opportunity Flights

Sometimes cadets can be lucky enough to get some special flights given to them. These can be either in military aircraft or civilian.