1471 ATC


As we are based on the military forces, all cadet are required to wear uniform. This uniform is the same as the RAF personnel's, with a few small modifications.

Below are some examples of the different types of uniform the cadets wear throughout the year.

Wedgewood Shirt and Tie Working Blue Shirt

The only piece of uniform which is not issued to a cadet are their black polishable shoes. Cadets also wear a brassard on the upper right arm. This brassard is used to have the majority of cadet badges placed on it, so people can see at a glance what the cadet has done. Below is an example of a brassard.

Brassard Example

Cadets can also be issued with DPM clothing for Adventure Training, although this is not always the case in squadrons.

Group of Cadets dressed in DPM Camoflague uniform